Announcing the Be Well OC Stewardship Group

To activate Be Well OC’s distributed leadership structure and support the many organizations actively engaged in advancing the work realizing the aims of the six result areas, the Stewardship Group will provide two primary functions:

  1. Promote alignment of strategies and activities across the varied work streams of the six results outlined in the blueprint
  2. Support broad community engagement and meaningful participation in Be Well activities by establishing and overseeing criteria for backbone organizations, impact organizations and critical community voices/stakeholder participation

Be Well Stewardship Group Representatives

  • Result Areas
    • Result 1: Iliana Soto-Welty
    • Result 2: Dianna Daly
    • Result 3: Edwin Poon
    • Result 4: Susan Taylor
    • Result 5: Michaell Rose
    • Result 6: Nichole Quick
  • Family Member
    • Steve Pitman
  • Peers
    • Acting representatives identified
    • Continuing positions to be filled by Sept. 2020 via application process
  • At-Large Subject Matter Experts
    • Anne Light
    • Jeff Nagel
  • Transition Age Youth/Young Adults
    • To be filled by Sept. 2020 via application process

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