Be Well OC Campus Update

Like Covid-19, mental health and substance use disorders do not discriminate. This extraordinary situation underscores the need for easy access to comprehensive, integrated mental health and substance use services, regardless of one’s insurance. This first Be Well OC Regional Wellness Campus serves as a model of such a resource, made possible through public-private partnership for all in the community.

Great progress continues with the construction of the first campus in the City of Orange. The walls are up, and the building is now taking shape. Construction is on schedule for completion in Dec 2020, and services will open in phases for the community beginning in Jan 2021.

Involving the community in planning and design is central to informing a positive healing experience for those receiving care. Individuals with lived experience and family members came together in early March to give feedback about the interior design aspects of the campus. Engagement efforts are also underway with community professionals, including law enforcement, hospital emergency departments, and other critical stakeholders in the Be Well ecosystem that will utilize the campus.

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