Welcome to the Hope Happens Here Podcast presented by Be Well OC.

Be Well OC is a transformative movement bringing together public, private, academic and faith-based organizations, as well as others, to create a coordinated system of mental health care and support for all Orange County, California residents. 

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Podcast Overview

Hope Happens Here is hosted by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kate Gosney.

Kate Gosney’s broad experience in behavioral health and addiction treatment allows her to present authentic and meaningful conversations about mental health, dive deep into topics like suicide prevention, substance use disorders, mental health equity, resources and even explore timely issues like dealing with mental illness during a world pandemic.

Along the way, Hope Happens Here will continually spotlight brilliant voices from our community, showcasing the powerful the work being done to provide best-in-class mental health care and resources to all. Hope Happens Here will be a place for intimate and insightful conversations around all aspects of mental health in Orange County and beyond.

Hope Happens Here will explore the real experiences that people are facing in our community today, reflecting on stories, experiences and research that will help us all learn and grow together.

Hope Happens Here. May we all be well.

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Podcast Episodes

Steve Pitman: One Size Does Not Fit All

January 27, 2021

Growing up with a brother who suffered from a severe mental illness, Steve learned how important it is to support those struggling with mental health issues. He shares how that has inspired and informed the work he does today.

Dr. Heather Huszti: A Parallel Epidemic

January 27, 2021

Working on the front lines with children, therapists and the clinical team at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Dr. Heather Huszti shares what’s going on in the world of mental health as it relates to kids and the pandemic, and practical steps we can take to support them.

Dr. Miguel Gallardo: Changing the Narrative

January 27, 2021

Dr. Miguel’s approach to mental health care is simple – let me learn what works for you, your culture and your community and use that power to find a better way to be. Hear from him about the issues facing our ethnic communities and how we can make our approach to mental health care more inclusive.

Dr. Adela Cruz: Going Back to School?

FEBRUARY 10, 2021

As kids continue to return to the classroom, their new “normal” will look much different than it did pre-COVID. Dr. Adela Cruz discusses how students, parents and professionals in her district are coping and adapting.

Kay Warren: Embracing Brokenness on the Road to Healing

FEBRUARY 24, 2021

After losing her son to suicide, Kay’s passion for mental health and wellness became even stronger. She shares the important role that the faith community can play in helping those who are struggling.