Result Area 1: Reduce Stigma

Result Area 1 focuses on improving mental health awareness, attitudes, and understanding throughout the Orange County community. A central aim is to reduce stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders (MH/SUD) in Orange County. The Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA) and Providence St. Joseph Health-Mission Hospital are serving as the backbone organizations for this result area.

Result Area Action Plan

Result Area 1 has identified three overarching strategies and corresponding interventions/activities to reduce stigma. These strategies touch on a need for adoption of a common MH/SUD language in Orange County(Strategy 1), coordination and alignment of existing stigma reduction efforts throughout Orange County (Strategy 2), and increasing compassion and empathy about mental health (Strategy 3). Activities to advance Strategies 1 and 2 are the current focus, serving as a pathway to achieving Strategy 3.

Long Term Outcome

Improved mental health awareness, attitudes, and understanding throughout the OC community.

Strategies and Activities

Adopt Common Language to Talk About Mental Health, Mental Illness & Substance Abuse

  • Identify common, culturally responsive terms for discussing mental health and substance abuse
  • Conduct focus groups with OC residents to confirm common terms
  • Work with organizations (e.g., CBOs, clinics, hospitals, etc.) to develop and initiate an education and implementation plan

Short Term Outcome

Coordinate and Align Existing Stigma Reduction Efforts

  • Create an inventory of existing anti-stigma campaigns / efforts
  • Identify a common set of outcome metrics for OC stigma campaigns
  • Consider development of a framework for stigma reduction campaigns and initiatives

Short Term Outcomes

Increase Compassion and Empathy about Mental Health

  • Education-based intervention:
    • Work with OC providers to align public education campaigns on mental health
    • Develop and conduct trainings across diverse organizations
  • Contact-based interventions:
    • Conduct community listening and dialogue tour around MH/SUD
    • Create a series of live chats with the public via social media
    • Identify champions & influencers for anti-stigma campaigns
    • Utilize people with lived experience and family members

Short Term Outcomes

Key Partners / Organizations

Representatives from various stigma reduction community-based organizations, Orange County Health Care Agency, Connect OC Coalition, hospitals and community members.

Meeting Notes and Materials


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