Result Area 6: Align Partners, Policies and Programs

Result Area 6 is focused on addressing complex, interrelated issues of mental illness, addiction, and homelessness, among others. This result area is led by the Be Well Stewardship group and brings together the activities of the other Result Areas as well as other community and Be Well initiatives.

Stewardship Group members are responsible for:

  • Ensuring Be Well OC strategies and activities are in alignment to achieve the Be Well OC’s vision
  • Providing guidance to Be Well OC workgroups, establishing additional workgroups as needed
  • Determining and maintaining membership of the Stewardship Group
  • Promoting communication and coordination across workgroups and with related countywide initiatives
  • Championing Be Well OC activities with stakeholders, partner organizations and community members
  • Providing support and guidance to the backbone entity managing Be Well OC activities
  • Informing, monitoring, and evaluating annual and long-term goals of Be Well OC
  • Reviewing periodically the criteria and requirements for Backbone Organizations, Impact Organizations, and other Stakeholder participation
  • Reviewing and approving a process for identifying and maintaining a high level of partner and community resident engagement in Be Well OC
  • Reviewing and affirming the Stewardship Group and Result workgroup charters and annual action plans.

Result Area Action Plan

Key elements of Result Area 6 alignment efforts are under way through activities carried out by the Data Workgroup, the Be Well OC Substance Use Disorder Leadership Initiative, and the Be Well Orange County Community Suicide Prevention Initiative[KL2] . Activities are also underway to advance Behavioral Health System Transformation through an MHSA funded Innovation Project.

Long Term Outcome

Address complex, interrelated issues of mental illness, addiction, homelessness, among others.

Strategies and Activities

Convene "Mapping it Out" Sessions

  • Conduct cross-sector mapping sessions on services, interventions, activities, and trusted partners related to:
    • Non-traditional or alternative mental health supports for specific populations (racial/ethnic, monolingual, LGBTQ, homeless, etc.)
    • Trauma Informed Care
    • Integrated behavior health
    • Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) connections in community

Short Term Outcomes

Align Collaborative Grant and Funding Opportunities

  • Leverage expertise of community partners to pursue funding opportunities focused on cross-sector collaboratives
  • Align existing initiatives and grants with overlapping partners, populations and aims
  • Develop and implement coordinated financing strategies for greater community impact

Short Term Outcomes

Align Efforts to Inform and Prepare for State and Local Policy Changes

  • Track CalAIM development process and ensure Be Well activities align, inform, and shape the process

Short Term Outcome

Key Partners / Organizations

Stewardship Group Members

Organizational Affiliation
Anne Light
County of Orange Social Services Agency
SME Representative
Daniel Gibbs
Consumer Representative
Dianna Daly
First 5 Orange County, Children & Families Commission
Result Area #2 Representative
Edwin Poon
Result Area #3 Representative
Iliana Soto-Welty
Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA)
Result Area #1 Representative
Jeffrey Nagel
OC Health Care Agency
SME Representative
Michaell Rose
Result Area #5 Representative
Min Suh
Consumer Representative
Steve Pitman
NAMI Orange County
Family Member Representative
Susan Taylor
College Hospital Costa Mesa
Result Area #4 Representative
Youth Representative
Youth Representative

Meeting Notes and Materials

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