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About Be Well OC

Be Well OC is working to make Orange County the happiest and healthiest community in the United States—and that starts with a world-class mental health care system. The mission is to make compassionate mental health care more accessible for our community.

A Complex Challenge

When a mental health care issue arises, access to responsive, compassionate care is essential. But due to communication gaps and other barriers in the existing system, many have trouble finding the help they need. That can lead to adverse outcomes for those in need of care, and for the entire community. There’s a better way.

An Integrated Solution

Be Well OC brings together mental health care services uniting public, private, academic and faith-based organizations in a cooperative partnership that helps facilitate communication, bridge gaps and eliminate barriers to care. The result is a more compassionate system of care that works better for everyone in the community.

A Blueprint for Action

The need for better mental health care isn’t unique to Orange County. Communities nationwide face the same challenge to reduce stigma, bridge gaps, improve communication and make care more accessible to those in need. The Be Well OC model provides a blueprint that other communities can follow to improve their mental health system.

Mind OC and the Be Well Ecosystem

Mind OC is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 that serves as the central backbone within the Distributed Leadership structure for Be Well OC. Mind OC is a nimble, neutral entity that can convene, coordinate and align stakeholders to continually advance the Be Well OC Mental Health System. To learn more, visit the Mind OC website.


A healthier Orange County begins with mental health services that address the needs of everyone in our community.


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