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Suicide Prevention Initiative

The mission of the Orange County Community Suicide Prevention Initiative (CSPI) is to promote hope and help community members live more purposeful lives, with a particular focus on survivors, those at risk and their loved ones.

In response to rising suicide rates in Orange County, the Orange County Board of Supervisors allocated funding to create the CSPI in March of 2018. The CSPI serves to coordinate and align countywide prevention activities across multiple community partners and drive system change with the aim of reducing suicides in Orange County.

The Be Well OC CSPI officially launched in July of 2019 in partnership with the Orange County Health Care Agency. Like all Be Well OC activities, CSPI is grounded in a collective impact framework that promotes collaboration among community partners to develop, enrich and integrate new and existing suicide prevention services through Orange County.

CSPI Charter

The CSPI Project Charter reflects the initiative’s aim, goals and objectives:

Increase awareness about how to prevent suicide.
Increase connectedness between individuals, families and communities.
Increase detection of individuals in need.
Increase access to mental health care.
Reduce access to lethal means

Community Forum

The CSPI Community Forum is a group of committed volunteers from the community who regularly convene to inform the efforts of CSPI, engage in awareness building, and serve as advisors to this community-driven initiative. Community Forum members are the initial “Ambassadors of Hope,” a Be Well OC volunteer program to spread hope, resilience and recovery.

Join us every second Saturday of the month to get involved with community-driven efforts to end suicide and suicide attempts in Orange County.

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